Audio Messages 171-180

The Gospel Defender

Gospel Defender Ministries – Topical Audio Presentations

We pray that you are richly blessed and inspired by these audio messages from Evangelist, Rick Breidenbaugh.

Audio messages are in MP3 format and will play on most devices. Each message is around thirty minutes in length.






The Four Anchors Of Acts 27 (CD-180)

The ‘Fully Come’ Day Of Providential Power (CD-179)

Believing A Lie (CD-178)

Six Jewels In A Jewel Box (CD-177)

The Fives Smooth Stones Of David (CD-176)

The Prophetic Birth of Jesus (CD-175)

The Heavenly Horses (CD-174)

Matthew 15 And Doctrine (CD-173)

Put It Away! Put It Away! (CD-172)

How You Can Make Your Life Count More Effectively For Christ (CD-171)