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We pray that you are richly blessed and inspired by these audio messages from Evangelist, Rick Breidenbaugh.

Audio messages are in MP3 format and will play on most devices. Each message is around thirty minutes in length.

For those of you wishing to download Gospel Defender audio messages for offline listening, please use our Audio Messages Download List to make it easy to obtain the files. The list can be found HERE.

Conversions in the Book of Acts – Ephesian Disciples – Acts 19 (CD-279) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Many Corinthians – Acts 18 (CD-278) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Philippian Jailer And His Household – Acts 16 (CD-277) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Lydia And Her Household – Acts 16 (CD-276) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Cornelius And His Household – Acts 10-11 (CD-275) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Saul Of Tarsus – Acts 9, 22, 26 (CD-274) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – The Ethiopian Eunuch – Acts 8 (CD-273) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – The Samaritans And A Sorcerer – Acts 8 (CD-272) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Some Jews And Some Priests – Acts 3 And Acts 6 (CD-271) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Acts 2 (CD-270) (New)
Conversions in the Book of Acts – Introduction (CD-269) (New)
Mistaken Identity (CD-268)
Free At Last! Free At Last! (CD-267)
Forward! March! (CD-266)
Apostolic Advice For Elders (CD-265)
Two Men Who Saw Before They Were Healed (CD-264)
Mistaken Identity (CD-263)
Aw, C’mon Now! Cut That Out Snip…Snip…Snip (CD-262)
A Chapter Of ‘Do You Not Knows’ (CD-261)
Healing A Woman Bent Over And Healing A Man With Dropsy (CD-260)
Healing A Mother In Law And Healing A Lame Man (CD-259)
Healing A Man With A Deformed Hand And Healing A Blind Man (CD-258)
Healing A Demon Possessed Man (CD-257)
The Adulteress Of John 8 (CD-256)
The Adulteress Of John 4 (CD-255)
The Adulteress Of Luke 7 (CD-254)
Three Prayers From The Cross (CD-253)
The Downfall OF A Big Shot! (CD-252)
The Thief On The Cross (CD-251)
A Letter To A Man About Two Other Men (CD-250)
The Titanic Is Sinking! (CD-249)
Two Men Who Saw Before They Were Healed (CD-248)
Ten Reasons Christians Are Not Absent From Any Church Assembly (CD-247)
Only One Generation Away (CD-246)
What Does ‘Living The Christian Life’ Mean To You? (CD-245)
Where, Who, Why, And What Is Your God? (CD-244)
Peter’s Downfall And Uprising (CD-243)
Do You Have Any News To Tell Anybody? (CD-242)
The Greatest Of All Homecomings (CD-241)
A Chapter Full Of Miracles (CD-240)
The Woman With The Issue Of Blood Problem (CD-239)Seven Reasons Why I Refuse To Quit Living The Christian Life (CD-238)
Esther Chapter 9 – Part 4 (CD-237)
Esther Chapter 9 – Part 3 (CD-236)
Esther Chapter 9 – Part 2 (CD-235)
Esther Chapter 9 – Part 1 (CD-234)
Esther Chapter 8 – Part 2 (CD-233)
Esther Chapter 8 – Part 1 (CD-232)
Esther Chapter 7 – Part 2 (CD-231)
Esther Chapter 7 – Part 1 (CD-230)
Esther Chapter 6 – Part 2 (CD-229)
Esther Chapter 6 – Part 1 (CD-228)
Esther Chapter 5 – Part 2 (CD-227)
Esther Chapter 5 – Part 1 (CD-226)
Esther Chapter 4 – Part 2 (CD-225)
Esther Chapter 4 – Part 1 (CD-224)
Esther Chapter 3 – Part 2 (CD-223)
Esther Chapter 3 – Part 1 (CD-222)
Esther Chapter 2 – Part 2 (CD-221)
Esther Chapter 2 – Part 1 (CD-220)
Esther Chapter 1 – Part 2 (CD-219)
Esther Chapter 1 – Part 1 (CD-218)
Lord, What Are We To Do? (CD-217)
The Triumphal Entry (CD-216)
Who Are You Remembering On This Memorial Day? (CD-215)
The Church Of The Laodiceans (CD-214)
The Church In Philadelphia (CD-213)
The Church In Sardis (CD-212)
The Church In Thyatira (CD-211)
The Church In Pergamos (CD-210)
The Church In Smyrna (CD-209)
The Church In Ephesus (CD-208)
Miracles In John: The Seven Gospel Messages Of The Birth Of The Gospel (CD-207)
Miracles In John: The Day The Good News Became A Reality (CD-206)
Miracles In John: Cast The Net (CD-205)
Miracles In John: Come Forth! (CD-204)
Miracles In John: Go Wash (CD-203)
Miracles In John: It Is I (CD-202)
Miracles In John: God’s Wonder Bread (CD-201)
Miracles In John: Take Up Your Bed And Walk (CD-200)
Miracles In John: Your Son Lives! (CD-199)
Miracles In John: Fill The Waterpots (CD-198)
Nehemiah 13 (CD-197)
Nehemiah 12 (CD-196)
Nehemiah 11 (CD-195)
Nehemiah 10 (CD-194)
Nehemiah 9 (CD-193)
Nehemiah 8 (CD-192)
Nehemiah 7 (CD-191)
Nehemiah 6 (CD-190)
Nehemiah 5 (CD-189)
Nehemiah 4 (CD-188)
Nehemiah 3 (CD-187)
Nehemiah 2 (CD-186)
Nehemiah 1 (CD-185)
What Did You Go Out To See? (CD-184)
The Filth – The Furnace – The Fault (CD-183)
Hebrew’s Grand Introduction (CD-182)
In Spirit And In Truth (CD-181)
The Four Anchors Of Acts 27 (CD-180)
The ‘Fully Come’ Day Of Providential Power (CD-179)
Believing A Lie (CD-178)
Six Jewels In A Jewel Box (CD-177)
The Fives Smooth Stones Of David (CD-176)
The Prophetic Birth of Jesus (CD-175)
The Heavenly Horses (CD-174)
Matthew 15 And Doctrine (CD-173)
Put It Away! Put It Away! (CD-172)
How You Can Make Your Life Count More Effectively For Christ (CD-171)
Strange Things You Hear About Baptism (CD-170)
Mistaken Concepts About God (CD-169)
A Few Words About The Word, The Witness, And The Way (CD-168)
Five Mistakes Of John Chapter Nine (CD-167)
The Woman, The Man-Child, The Dragon (CD-166)
Five Things You Cannot Do ‘Without’ If You Want To Go To Heaven (CD-165)
You Have Heard That It Was Said To Those Of Old (CD-164)
Seven Reasons I Believe Homosexuality Is A Sin (CD-163)
Seven Spiritual Stories (CD-162)
What Think Ye Of Jesus (CD-161)
Word Pictures Of The Word (CD-160)
Those Unchangeable Things (CD-159)
The Church’s War And Her Veterans (CD-158)
Ten Earmarks Of A Great Church Service (CD-157)
Hear Ye The Word Of The Lord (CD-156)
If You Ever Look For Jesus (CD-155)
Looking Unto Jesus (CD-154)
God Spared Not (CD-153)
If I Were An Elder (CD-152)
Four Horrible Hindrances To Hearing The Heavenly Message (CD-151)
The Lamb Of God And Six Of His Disciples (CD-150)
Three Lost Opportunities To Do What Was Right (CD-149)
Let Us Go Outside The Camp (CD-148)
Seven Spectacular Wonders that are Beyond Belief (CD-147)
Two Different Persons, Two Different Pronouncements (CD-146)
Are You Ready to Die? (CD-145)
Are You Able to Blush? (CD-144)
If (CD-143)
The Church Needs to Mind Her Own Business (CD-142)
Three Cries of David (CD-141)
Unforgettable Characters (CD-140)
Three Gifts for Jesus (CD-139)
How Shall They Preach? (CD-138)
Spiritual Streakers (CD-137)
Riddle-Dee, Riddle-Dee, Riddle-Dee-Dee (CD-136)
It Is Better (CD-135)
What Really Happened on the Mountain (CD-134)
What Are You Seeking in Life? (CD-133)
Two Men Who Had Great Differences (CD-132)
The Boundless Word of God (CD-131)
Six Deadly Danmning, Disastrous, Disobedient Decisions (CD-130)
Last of All (CD-129)
Jesus, The Garbage Man (CD-128)
Four Snapshots of Christians (CD-127)
Four Brothers Who Were Called of God (CD-126)
Don’t Chance It (CD-125)
A Bible Chapter Ending with Seven Very Good Questions (CD-124)
A Message About Nothing (CD-123)
Looking at the Cross in Seven Different Ways (CD-122)
The Four Biggest Fools in the Bible (CD-121)
Gospel Nots That You Cannot Untie (CD-120)
Are You Able to Blush? (CD-119)
It Is Better (CD-118)
Prove it, Prove it, Prove it! (CD-117)
A Great Bible Chapter (CD-116)
What Therefore God Hath Joined Together (CD-115)
Three Prayer Meetings that I Absolutely Refuse to Attend (CD-114)
Reasons for Going to Hell (CD-113)
What the Word Says About Words (CD-112)
Is There a Doctor in the House? (CD-111)
Ready Or Not, Here I Come! (CD-110)
John Chapter5, and the Five Witnesses (CD-109)
The Undoing of the Church (CD-108)
Put On Some Clothes (CD-107)
Four Great Questions Jesus Asked in the Gospels (CD-106)
The Eight Woes of Matthew Chapter 23 (CD-105)
The ‘One Accord’ Church (CD-104)
The Loyalty of Jesus (CD-103)
Do You Really Know Who God Is? (CD-102)
The Sword That Pierced Through Mary’s Own Soul (CD-101)
Wait, Watch, and Work (CD-100)
Jesus, Christmas, and the Angels (CD-099)
At the Feet of Jesus (CD-098)
The Foolishness of God (CD-097)
The Virgins of the Kingdom of Heaven (CD-096)
The So Great Salvation (CD-095)
To Whom Shall We Run? (CD-094)
It’s All About Him (CD-093)
You Can Know That You Are Saved (CD-092)
Beware of False Prophets (CD-091)
The Rich Man and Lazarus (CD-090)
Satan’s Snares (CD-089)
I Would Not Have You Ignorant, Brethren (CD-088)
Four Signs of the Father at the Son’s Crucifixion (CD-087)
Baptism! Baptism! Where Is Baptism? (CD-086)
Responses to the Preaching of the Word of God in the Book of Acts (CD-085)
Reasons for People Going to Hell (CD-084)
Going After Jesus (CD-083)
Paul’s Threefold Exhortation to the Church (CD-082)
Four Signs of the Father at the Son’s Crucifixion (CD-081)
He Was But Lost (CD-080)
The Rich Young Ruler (CD-079)
What Kind of Follower Are You? (CD-078)
Looking at a Row of Let-Us (CD-077)
The Message of the Manger (CD-076)
The Passing and the Resurrection of Lazarus (CD-075)
He Is Lord Of All (CD-074)
Finally, Brethren, Farewell (CD-073)
Signs Following, Part 4 (CD-072)
Signs Following, Part 3 (CD-071)
Signs Following, Part 2 (CD-070)
Signs Following, Part 1 (CD-069)
Judging, Part 8 (CD-068)
Judging, Part 7 (CD-067)
Judging, Part 6 (CD-066)
Judging, Part 5 (CD-065)
Judging, Part 4 (CD-064)
Judging, Part 3 (CD-063)
Judging, Part 2 (CD-062)
Judging, Part 1 (CD-061)
The Doctrine of the Resurrection: 1 Corinthians 15:12-19 (CD-060)
The Thief on the Cross, Part 4 (CD-059)
The Thief on the Cross, Part 3 (CD-058)
The Thief on the Cross, Part 2 (CD-057)
The Thief on the Cross, Part 1 (CD-056)
Is Baptism Absolutely Essential for Salvation? (CD-055)
The Church That Jesus Built (CD-054)
Eight Things Only the Blood of Christ Can Do (CD-053)
Let Me Tell You About the Church That I Belong To (CD-052)
He Hath Done All Things Well (CD-051)
Another Year in the Kingdom of God (CD-050)
Is There Anything Right With the Church? (CD-049)
Jairus and His Daughter (CD-048)
The Resurrection of a Woman’s Son (CD-047)
A Profile of John the Baptist (CD-046)
The Church That Jesus Built: The Church’s Program (CD-045)
The Church That Jesus Built: The Church’s One Book (CD-044)
The Church That Jesus Built: Three Basic Facts Concerning the Church (CD-043)
The Church That Jesus Built: Built on the Rock of Jesus Christ (CD-042)
The Church That Jesus Built: The Preliminary Questions of Jesus for His Disciples (CD-041)
The Church That Jesus Built: The Church is the Called-Out Assembly of Christ (CD-040)
The Church That Jesus Built: Christ and the Church are Inseparable (CD-039)
Five People at the Feet of Jesus (CD-038)
The Passing and the Resurrection of Lazarus (CD-037)
Three Things a Wise Man Does (CD-036)
A Finger-Lickin’ Good Meal (CD-035)
Not Everyone (CD-034)
A Sad Verse in the Bible (CD-033)
Titus, Chapter 3 (CD-032)
Titus, Chapter 2 (CD-031)
Titus, Chapter 1 (CD-030)
2 Timothy, Chapter 4 (CD-029)
2 Timothy, Chapter 3 (CD-028)
2 Timothy, Chapter 2 (CD-027)
2 Timothy, Chapter 1 (CD-026)
1 Timothy, Chapter 6 (CD-025)
1 Timothy, Chapter 5 (CD-024)
1 Timothy, Chapter 4 (CD-023)
1 Timothy, Chapter 3 (CD-022)
1 Timothy, Chapter 2 (CD-021)
1 Timothy, Chapter 1 (CD-020)
The Church’s War and Her Veterans (CD-019)
The Man, The Miracle, The Message (CD-018)
Word Power (CD-017)
Marked Men (CD-016)
Four Reasons to Avoid Hell (CD-015)
The Mighty Man, Moses (CD-014)
Six Times God Was With Him (CD-013)

What Did Jesus Build and How Did He Build It? (CD-012)
The Seven Emotions of the Almighty (CD-011)

The Friend of God (CD-010)
Saint Stephen (CD-009)
The Account of the Healing of the Palsied Man (CD-008)
The Seven ‘I Cames’ of Jesus (CD-007)
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (CD-006)
Traveling Down the Jericho Road (CD-005)
The Sinner’s Prayer in the Bible (CD-004)
The Poor Rich Fool (CD-003)
The Final Words of Jesus (CD-002)
Picking on a Baptist’s Testimony of Jesus Christ (CD-001)