Audio Messages 241-250

The Gospel Defender

Gospel Defender Ministries – Topical Audio Presentations

We pray that you are richly blessed and inspired by these audio messages from Evangelist, Rick Breidenbaugh.

Audio messages are in MP3 format and will play on most devices. Each message is around thirty minutes in length.

If you wish to download audio messages for offline listening (.mp3 format), please use our Audio Messages – Download List.


A Letter To A Man About Two Other Men (CD-250)

The Titanic Is Sinking! (CD-249)

Two Men Who Saw Before They Were Healed (CD-248)

Ten Reasons Christians Are Not Absent From Any Church Assembly (CD-247)

Only One Generation Away (CD-246)

What Does ‘Living The Christian Life’ Mean To You? (CD-245)

Where, Who, Why, And What Is Your God? (CD-244)

Peter’s Downfall And Uprising (CD-243)

Do You Have Any News To Tell Anybody? (CD-242)

The Greatest Of All Homecomings (CD-241)