Lords Supper Table Talks

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Lords Supper Table Talks

When our Lord Jesus Christ instituted this memorial of His death 2,000 years ago, His disciples were just coming into an understanding of its significance. These Biblical and thought-provoking meditations will help our brothers and sisters in Christ focus their attention in their preparation to experience the Lord’s Supper.


A Dead Man Who Sat At The Table

A Steadfast Face

A Table Of Many Sacrifices

A Table Prepared

An Apropriate Prayer At The Table

Are You Focused?

Are You Ready For The Lord’s Supper?

Before Isaiah Fifty-Three

Behold The Hand

Billionaires And Jesus

Blessed Is He Who Shall Eat Bread

Come To Me

Come For All Things Are Ready

Cracked Pots At The Lord’s Table

Determination To Drink The Cup

Dining With Royalty

Discerning The Lord’s Body

Don’t Eat That Bread – Don’t Drink That Cup

Emulating Christ At His Table

Fear At The Table

Flee From Idolatry

Give – Bring – Come – Worship – Tremble

Having A Drink With A King

He Is Here With Us

He Is My Deliverer!

He Washed Him Anyway

Holey Bread

Holy, Holy, Holy!

How Can We Not?

Ignorance At The Table

Is It I?

It Was Something Else

Looking At The Table Beyond The Present

Looking At The Table Through Physical Eyes

Lusting At The Table

More To It Than Just The First Day Of The Week

No! We Will Not Go Back!

One King’s Plea To Another

Please! Don’t Pass That Bread To Me!

Preaching The Word At The Lord’s Supper Table

Presiding At The Lord’s Supper Table

Remembering Purgatory At The Lord’s Supper Table

Sitting At The King’s Table

Tears At The Table

The Birth Of The Bread Of Life

The Blood Of Bulls And Goats And The Blood Of The Lamb

The Cup Of Blessing And The Bread

The Table Of Blood

There Are No Accidents At The Lord’s Table

The Table’s Proclamation

‘They Look And Stare At Me’

The Prophetical, Historical Incarnation

Two Questions At The Lords Supper Table

Two Sides To Every Coin – Which Side Are You On?  (New)

Uncommon Supper Guests

Was It Worth It?

Who Am I?

Who Do You See?