Sermon of the Month

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Sermon of the Month

The Sermon of the Month selections from Evangelist, Rick Breidenbaugh, include his most powerful and compelling messages from God’s Word.

May you be enriched and challenged by these sermons.

Sermon of the Month – 2021

The Undoing Of The Church (Sep 2021) (New)

Responses To The Preaching Of The Word Of God In The Book Of Acts (Aug 2021) (New)

Sinner’s Prayers In The Bible (Jul 2021)

Five Things You Cannot Do ‘Without’ If You Want To Get To Heaven (Jun 2021)

Eight Things Only The Blood Of Jesus Christ Can Do (May 2021)

Four Horrible Hindrances To Hearing The Heavenly Message (Apr 2021)

Don’t Chance It! (Mar 2021)

God Spared Not! (Feb 2021)

Four Great Questions Jesus Asked In The Gospels (Jan 2021)

Sermon of the Month – 2020

What If Jesus Had Not Been Born Until This Year? (Dec 2020)

Thanks! But, No Thanks! (Nov 2020)

Christ, Our Refuge (Oct 2020)

Is There Anything Right With The Church? (Sep 2020)

Finally, Brethren, Farewell (Aug 2020)

The Four Anchors Of Acts 27 (Jul 2020)

Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Jun 2020)

Three Prayers From The Cross (May 2020)

The Chapter Of “Do You Not Know’s” (Apr 2020)

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall – Who’s The Greatest Of Them All? (Mar 2020)

Through What Door Will You Walk? (Feb 2020)

A New Beginning (Jan 2020)

Sermon of the Month – 2019

Aw, C’mon Now! Cut That Out! Snip…Snip…Snip (Dec 2019)

Cases Of Mistaken Identity (Nov 2019)

A Chapter About False Teachers (Oct 2019)

The One Accord Church (Sep 2019)

He Is Lord Of All! (Aug 2019)

Is There A Doctor In The House? (Jul 2019)

Apostolic Advice For Elders (Jun 2019)

Reasons For People Going To Hell (May 2019)

What If There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead? (Apr 2019)

Let Me Tell You About The Church That I Belong To (Mar 2019)

The Final Words Of Jesus (Feb 2019)

Looking At A Row Of ‘Let Us’ (Jan 2019)

Sermon of the Month – 2018

Now After Jesus Was Born (Dec 2018)

Five Mistakes In John Chapter 9 (Nov 2018)

A Poor Rich Fool (Oct 2018)

Ready Or Not! Here He Comes! (Sep 2018)

A Bible Chapter Ending With Seven Very Good Questions (Aug 2018)

The Loyalty Of Jesus (Jul 2018)

He Has Done All Things Well (Jun 2018)

The Day Before (May 2018)

Three Reasons I Believe In The Resurrection Of Jesus From The Dead (April 2018)

Evil Men Doing Evil Deeds In An Evil World (March 2018)

The Thief On The Cross (February 2018)

What Did You Go Out To See (January 2018)

Sermon of the Month – 2017

What We Should Remember About Jesus At Christmas (December 2017)

The Greatest Of All Homecomings (November 2017)

Reading A 3-D Movie Matthew 11 And Luke 7 (October 2017)

Two Blind Men Who Saw Before They Were Healed (September 2017)

Four Signs Of The Father At The Son’s Crucifixion (August 2017)

Memorial Day In The Kingdom Of God (July 2017)

A Letter About Three Men (June 2017)

Do You Have Any News To Tell Anybody (May 2017)

One Got Out (April 2017)

The Titanic Is Sinking (March 2017)

The Downfall Of A Big Shot (February 2017)

If You Are Converted Today – A Brand New Beginning (January 2017)

Sermon of the Month – 2016

The Angelic Ministry In The Affairs Of The Birth Of Christ (December 2016)

A Chapter Full Of Miracles (November 2016)

Where? Who? Why? What? (October 2016)

What Does Living The Christian Life Mean To You? (September 2016)

Peter’s Downfall And Uprising (August 2016)

The Woman With The Issue Of Blood Problem (July 2016)

Only One Generation Away (June 2016)

Seven Reasons I Refuse To Quit Living The Christian Life (May 2016)

Ten Reasons Christians Are Not Absent From Any Church Assembly (April 2016)

The Triumphal Entry (March 2016)

The Account Of The Healing Of The Paralytic (February 2016)

What Really Happened On The Mountain (January 2016)

Sermon of the Month – 2015

Christmas Characters (December 2015)

The Filth – The Furnace – The Fault (November 2015)

The ‘So Great’ A Salvation (October 2015)

Last of All (September 2015)

At The Feet Of Jesus (August 2015)

Free At Last, Great God Almighty, We Are Free At Last (July 2015)

The Boundless Word Of God (June 2015)

Being About The Fathers Business (May 2015)

Looking At The Cross In Seven Different Ways (April 2015)

The Hope Of The Resurrection (March 2015)

Five Ways You Can Make Your Life Count More Effectively For Christ (February 2015)

Seven Spectacular ‘Wonders’ About Jesus That Would Be Beyond Belief If They Were Not In The Bible (January 2015)

Sermon of the Month – 2014

What Is The Good News In The Gospel? (December 2014)

What Is Going To Happen To Me When I Die? (November 2014)

How Can We Know That The Bible Is From God? (October 2014)

Does God Really Exist? (September 2014)

Nehemiah’s Report – Nehemiah’s Perplexity (August 2014)

The Sermon On The Hill: The Seven Utterances Of Gods Only Begotten Son From His Cross (July 2014)

Two Indisputable Evidences Of The Resurrection Of Christ (June 2014)

Who Are You Remembering On This Memorial Day? (May 2014)

The Centrality Of The Cross And Its Two Messages (April 2014)

Four Aspects Of The Cross (March 2014)

Lord, What Are We To Do? (February 2014)

Forward, March! (January 2014)

Sermon of the Month – 2013

The Prophetic Birth Of Jesus (December 2013)

A Sad Question In The Bible (November 2013)

Seven Reasons I Believe Homosexuality Is A Sin (October 2013)

Three Spiritual Lessons From Nine-Eleven (September 2013)

What Did Jesus Build And How Did He Build It (August 2013)

The Father In The Lesson On The Mount (July 2013)

G-Day (June 2013)

The Church Needs To Mind Her Own Business (May 2013)

What If There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead (April 2013)

The Great Homecoming (March 2013)

Beware Of False Prophets (February 2013)

Another Year In The Kingdom Of God (January 2013)